The Point of Prose Opiate

Writers, even on their best days, often have trouble motivating themselves to write. They have no audience, receive no feedback, and are often discouraged by a society that doesn’t value their passion. We created Prose Opiate to fix this. We want to be your reason to write. More than that, we want to motivate you to grow and improve as a writer as you become addicted to the feeling of having your work read, receiving consistent feedback, and competing with other amateur writers to produce the best, most entertaining stories you can. Prose Opiate wants to see your hard work recognized.

Every month, Prose Opiate will host one or more writing contests that revolve around a theme (horror, romance, adventure, western, fantasy, fan-fiction, etc.) Anyone can join, and every participant, whether they win or lose, will receive their manuscript back, professionally edited, and with suggestions on how they can improve as a writer. The winner of the contest will be eligible for a cash prize, a custom digital cover image, an author spotlight interview, and their story will have a permanent place on the site. The author retains all rights to the manuscript, and they can reject any of the prizes.

If your ambition is to get published, get a job, or earn a living as a career writer, winning a writing contest is a great accolade.

As further testament to the commitment of making you a better writer, this blog will periodically post helpful articles on the craft of writing and writing in the industries. Prose Opiate Staff and guest writers will tell stories of their experiences and offer tips for better prose. The blog will cover editing, story structure, formatting, dialogue, theme, and much, much more. Be sure to return to the site occasionally to read the latest article and learn more, because a good writer never stops learning.

And finally, we want to hear from you. Prose Opiate is for writers, and if you have suggestions on how to improve the site with new features or policy changes, use the Contact page to send us a message. Soon, we will have a poll page where possible changes can be voted on by users.

Whether writing is your hobby or your passion, it should feel good. That’s the point of Prose Opiate. We hope that you will make a commitment and submit your manuscript to one of our writing contests soon, so you can take your writing higher.

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