Winner of the March 2021 Science Fiction Short Story Contest: Clark Endicott

Amateur author Clark Endicott wins the March science fiction writing contest with “Moksha,” an action-packed tale that interrogates reality, identity, and loss.

March 2021—We received a few good entries for our science fiction short story contest, but Mr. Endicott’s speculative sci-fi action piece, Moksha, stood well above the rest. He declined the author spotlight interview, but I would still like to inform the followers of the World Writing blog that this astounding work is available on Prose Opiate, and it’s absolutely free.

Moksha recounts the strangest, and possibly the last, day in the life of Maya Jain, a young, ambitious computer programmer and video game designer. In the distant future, Maya and her boyfriend Charlie playtest the latest version of their simulated reality video game, and everything seems to be as it should before a mysterious intruder into their server separates the two and drops a bombshell on Maya that rattles the foundation of her existence. What follows is a desperate bid for survival and freedom as Maya confronts who she is and the horrors of the endless cycle of samsara.

Readers who want to experience this adventure can click here or on the custom cover.

It’s free, and always will be.

If you would like to participate in a Prose Opiate writing contest for a chance to win cash, a cover design, and participate in an interview just like this you can click right here. Even if you don’t win, you will receive guaranteed feedback on your work and professional editing.

If you haven’t considered submitting a story to our contests because you think the chances are slim, I would like to point out that we get surprisingly few submissions here and your odds are probably better than you think. We want stories. The point of this site is to encourage writers to write and to provide them with rewards for their efforts. Winning a contest and being published in an online journal is a great way to earn some recognition as a writer. I hope to see an entry from you soon.

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