Winner of the April 2021 Fan Fiction Short Story Contest: J.M. Stephens

Author J.M. Stephens wins the April Fan Fiction writing contest with Batman and Robin: The Chinese Connection, a hilarious, fun-filled romp through the golden-age of television.

April 2021—Prose Opiate’s most prolific and frequent contestant, J.M. Stephens, has completed a new e-book and won the April Fan Fiction contest.  Batman and Robin: The Chinese Connection reads like an episode of the classic 60s T.V. show starringAdam West and Burt Ward, with all the gags, action, and dry wit intact.

Terror once again grips Gotham city. The Riddler has escaped from Gotham’s Maximum-Security Prison and kidnapped a Chinese foreign official, threatening not only political ties between the East and West, but global peace. Only the caped crusader and his valiant ward can possibly save the day. On the journey, they’ll have to contend with goons, guns, hippies, stymying municipal codes, and temptations of the flesh. Slide down the bat-pole, grab your shark-repellant bat spray, and squeeze into the Batmobile for a groovy adventure of epic proportions full of wit, whimsy, and laughs.

Readers who want to experience this classic adventure can click here or on the custom cover. is a small, free-to-use website that hosts monthly themed writing competitions with cash prizes as well as editing services and writing education for every contestant. Visit today and take your writing higher.

If you would like to participate in a Prose Opiate writing contest for a chance to win cash, a cover design, and participate in an interview just like this you can click right here. Even if you don’t win, you will receive guaranteed feedback on your work and professional editing.

We want stories. The point of this site is to encourage writers to write and to provide them with rewards for their efforts. Winning a contest and being published in an online journal is a great way to earn some recognition as a writer. I hope to see an entry from you soon.

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