Winner of the October 2020 Horror Contest: J.C. Laird

This month I corresponded with J.C. Laird, Author of Dead, But Not Gone and winner of the October 2020 Horror Story contest. Laird is a published author, retiree, and former policeman living in Florida. He has written numerous short stories available on and Amazon. When he’s not writing, he stays busy with landscaping, chess,Continue reading “Winner of the October 2020 Horror Contest: J.C. Laird”

Starting a New Tale

As a writer, the blank page can be the most daunting adversary you’ll ever face. You probably have an idea, and if you have an idea, you probably also have mid or late story scenarios constantly bouncing around your noggin that will be awesome to write—if you can ever manage to get there. Sometimes youContinue reading “Starting a New Tale”

A Story in Motion Stays in Motion

That title could refer to a couple different concepts related to writing improvement, and I want to talk about them both. The first is the importance of momentum when it comes to writing—and this applies to all writing, not just narrative fiction. If you’re anything like me, then your passion projects spend more time thanContinue reading “A Story in Motion Stays in Motion”

Horror – Today

Prose Opiate’s first themed contest is all about horror, and it can be an intimidating genre, especially for those who don’t usually dabble in expressing the dark side of the human psyche. We usually begin by asking ourselves ‘What’s scary?” But that’s the wrong question. We should be asking ourselves, “What is horrifying?” I wasContinue reading “Horror – Today”

The Point of Prose Opiate

Writers, even on their best days, often have trouble motivating themselves to write. They have no audience, receive no feedback, and are often discouraged by a society that doesn’t value their passion. We created Prose Opiate to fix this. We want to be your reason to write. More than that, we want to motivate youContinue reading “The Point of Prose Opiate”