Winner of the January 2021 Fantasy Fiction Contest: J.M. Rivers

Admin: So, first question: Who is J.M. Rivers? Do you write professionally, or only as a hobby? What do you do when you’re not writing? Rivers: J.M. Rivers is a creative who tells stories through words. These words illicit strong emotions and leave lasting impressions. I write mainly as a hobby.  Professionally, I am aContinue reading “Winner of the January 2021 Fantasy Fiction Contest: J.M. Rivers”

Is this just fantasy?

Fantasy, you could argue, is the oldest of the literary genres, starting some four or five-thousand years ago when Gilgamesh and Enkidu formed the first party of adventurers and set out to slay Humbaba the Terrible in the name of glory. Ancient peoples told stories of gods that influenced their lives and monsters that layContinue reading “Is this just fantasy?”