Winner of the October 2020 Horror Contest: J.C. Laird

Admin: So, Laird, you and I have been a part of the same writing community for quite some time now, but I usually I only see that silhouetted man you use for your profile picture. It’s good to put a face to the name and to learn a little more about you. So, first ofContinue reading “Winner of the October 2020 Horror Contest: J.C. Laird”

Horror – Today

Prose Opiate’s first themed contest is all about horror, and it can be an intimidating genre, especially for those who don’t usually dabble in expressing the dark side of the human psyche. We usually begin by asking ourselves ‘What’s scary?” But that’s the wrong question. We should be asking ourselves, “What is horrifying?” I wasContinue reading “Horror – Today”