Thanksgiving is just around the corner for the countries that celebrate it, and the historical significance (both good and bad) of the approaching holiday has the administrator craving blasts from the past.

If you don’t know, Historical Fiction is the genre of tales set in past eras of Earth’s history. Usually, a significant historical event is depicted or used as background for the story. So, no fantasy or alien worlds allowed, only past eras of Earth.

Reach into the vast recorded history of the numerous cultures of Earth for inspiration, whether it be your own or just one that fascinates you. Indian, Japanese, Russian, Mesopotamian, American, Incan, English, Germanic, Egyptian, Greek–The Black Death, WWII, The American Civil Rights Movement, Height of the Mayan Empire, The Tokugawa Shogunate, Persia’s War on Greece, Irish Civil War, Olga of Kiev, The Groovy 60’s, pre-history–the possibilities are virtually endless.

As always, great lateral liberty is afforded to the writers who participate in the contest and mixing of genres is allowed as long as it is set in an historical era. (I’m looking at you, Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and you, Wild Wild West, you hideous wonderful monsters.)

Have fun, and indulge your passion for writing.


First Place

  • $100 (USD)*
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Permanent place on the Prose Opiate Homepage**
  • Author Spotlight Interview

    *All prize money delivered securely via PayPal. Winning contestants must have an active Paypal account to receive prize money.
    **Author retains all rights to their work. Prose Opiate will never retain or distribute your work without your permission.

Just for participating:
The Prose Opiate staff reads all contest entries and will respond to all contestants with a professionally edited manuscript and suggestions on how you can grow and improve as a writer! Keep practicing! There will be another contest next month!


  • Story must be less than 5,000 words
  • Must be historical fiction
  • Mixing of genres is allowed
  • No fantasy or alien settings. No stories set in the present or future. Only historical eras of Earth allowed.
  • Time travel is not allowed
  • Only one entry per contestant
  • Must be submitted before November 30, 2020
  • Must be an original work. Plagiarized works will not be considered.


Submit your manuscript via email to

Story can be submitted as an attached document or pasted into the body of the email.

Be sure to include your pen name and the official title of your manuscript.

You will receive emails from our staff containing your edited manuscript and correspondence coordinating the transference of prize materials, so use an email that you check regularly.



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All current participants and their stories are listed here. Check back regularly to see what stage of the review process your entry has reached!


J.C. Laird

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A Destiny Fullfilled



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